Fixed price Party Wall Notices and Awards - £595



JS Building Consultancy offer a competitive, professional fixed price service

for preparing residential Party Wall Awards as required by the Party Wall etc Act.

This service and £595 fee is suitable and available only for domestic works of a

Straight forward nature such as loft conversions, basements and extensions, if in doubt please contact JS Building Consultancy either by emailing us at

or telephoning 0113 2501303.


What you should do now.

In the first instance contact us by going to our contact page and enter your details. Further details will be requested after initial contact, then when you have given all the details needed you will receive a letter confirming our instructions. JS Building Consultancy will then get going with your Notices and, if necessary your Awards. Alternatively you may give us a call on 0113 2501303.


The service.

The service includes:

1.Preparation and service of notices.

2.Preparation of Schedule of Condition.

3.Liaison with your neighbours or their surveyor.

4.Preparation of a Party Wall Agreement or Award.

5.Issuing the Party Wall Agreement or Award.


What we will charge.

For preparing and issuing party wall notices and a Party Wall Award - £595 i.e. dealing with one neighbour.

If applicable (In addition).

For preparing and issuing party wall notices and a second Party Wall Award to a different neighbour - £395 i.e. additional amount for dealing with an additional neighbour after the first one, neighbour number 2.

If applicable (In addition).

For preparing and issuing party wall notices and subsequent Party Wall Awards to additional neighbours - £295 per Award i.e. additional amounts for dealing with more neighbours after the second one, 3,4,5 etc.


The above fees are valid for acting as either Building Owners Surveyor or Agreed Surveyor. If additional involvement or attendance is required, for instance if damage occurs to the adjoining property and it is necessary to agree and supervise remedial work; then an hourly rate will apply.


What we will do.

JS Building Consultancy will, on your behalf, prepare and issue Party Wall Notices as required under section 1, 3 or 6 of the Party Wall etc Act. The notices will be accompanied by an explanatory letter to your neighbour.

You will be asked to provide all necessary information to enable the correct notice to be given to your neighbours affected by the work, and you may be required to include a drawing detailing the works to be undertaken.

You will need to send JS Building Consultancy a signed letter of authority to act; you will be sent a copy of the letter for you to sign.

The notices will be prepared and signed by a professional and experienced Surveyor and sent to your neighbour. You will be provided with copies of notices etc. that are sent to your neighbour.

If 14 days after the date of notice your neighbour has not responded in writing signifying their consent to the work taking place, then a dispute is deemed to have arisen and a Party Wall Agreement or Award will be required under the provisions of the Act. Your neighbours will need to appoint a surveyor.

At that stage JS Building consultancy shall proceed as your surveyor to prepare the Agreement and liaise with your neighbour’s surveyor. It is usual for the owners of the property where the work is being carried out to be responsible for their neighbour’s costs.

Your Party Wall Award will be prepared and signed by a professional and experienced Surveyor. The Party Wall Award is also referred to as the Party Wall Agreement within this offer.

If your neighbour consents to the work our fee for preparing and serving notice only will be £100.


What you need to do.

Fill in and sign then send back the forms that will be sent to you.

Let us know if you hear from your neighbours within 14 days of the notices being issued.


About this offer.

Where properties are further away from Yeadon where JS Building Consultancy is based there will be a slight increase in cost proportionate to travelling distance.

If you wish to clarify the terms of this offer, or if an additional surcharge for distance will apply please call the Practice Principal John Sharples on 0113 2501303











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