Licencing applications and Schedules of condition

Licencing applications.

All premises serving alcohol or late night hot food are required to submit a plan with their Premises License Application.

The plan of the premises needs to meet the requirements set out in the Licensing Act 2003 (Premises licences and club premises certificates) Regulations 2005, SI 2005/42.

JS Building Consultancy can advise and assist you with your application and prepare plans for your licencing application.


Hotels - HMO's

When submitting an Application to the Local Authority for a property licence for House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) or changing the use to form a Hotel /Guest house you will require plans for submission to the Local Authority as part of the licence application. Plans for planning permission will also be required, and also submit technical detailed drawings for a building regulations application, JS Building Consultancy can advise you, prepare these drawings and submit the applications on your behalf.


Condition Surveys & Schedules of Condition

Condition surveys and schedules of provide a photographic record accompanied by a written descriptive narrative of the condition of a property and are often used for the following purposes:

During a lease, to prepare a schedule of dilapidations for repair in accordance with the lease.

To record the condition for a planned maintenance programme. To record the condition of a building before building works commence on adjoining sites.

To record the condition of a property portfolio, monitoring its maintenance and deterioration.

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