Project management and contract administration

Project Management and Contract Administration.


Where JS Building Consultancy are to be the Contract Administrator or project manage the following will usually be the main stages, although there will be flexibility to meet the client’s requirements.

1.Meeting with client to establish the brief, the type of project, the use of the building, the budget and other relevant details.

2.Appraisal of the site or existing building and its surrounds carried out to identify opportunities or constraints that could influence the project.

3.Written brief prepared and fees for the work confirmed in writing, following agreement by client Initial designs are then be prepared.

4.Following client’s agreement of initial design full drawings prepared for submission for Planning Approval, (Listed Building or Conservation Area consents if required) and detailed technical drawings prepared and submitted for Building Regulation Approval.

5.Schedules of work may be prepared which with the drawings are then sent out to contractors for pricing.

6.An appraisal of the prices obtained is carried out and discussed with the client before appointing contractors to carry out the work.

7.Regular inspections made on site to check compliance with the contract, standards of good workmanship, and general progress.

8.Where the contract provides for stage payments these are agreed based on the work completed and a certificate for payment is issued

9.A final inspection takes place, if necessary a schedule of defects prepared and contractor(s) put right defective work prior to release of retention payments.



Construction Contract Administration.

Throughout the whole process from concept to completion, JS Building Consultancy will be there to help as much or as little as you would like.

Before any building work commences quotes will be obtained from contractors, these will usually be based on a set of detailed drawings which may also be accompanied by a schedule of work or bill of quantity.

Once a contractor has been selected to carry out the work a written contract is either drawn up specifically for the work or one of the standard forms of contract can be used.

The contract between you and the contractor will state what is expected from both parties and will cover things such as how often valuations should be made regarding interim payments, variations to the work carried out and completion dates.

During the contract JS Building Consultancy will hold regular site meetings to ensure good communication between you and the contractor and if necessary iron out any problems that may occur.

During the construction stage the work carried out on the project will be inspected by JS Building Consultancy to ensure standards of good workmanship, compliance with the contract and general progress. Where stage payments are to be made, these will be agreed based upon the contractor’s price and the work completed.

Following a valuation of the work carried out a certificate for payment will be issued, a copy will be given to you and the contractor showing the amount due for payment after deduction of any retention.

Following completion of the construction work, a final inspection will take place and if deemed necessary a schedule of defects prepared so that the relevant contractor(s) can put right defective work prior to the release of retention payments.

JS Building Consultancy will be happy to administer a building contract for you or just attend a few meetings to check on progress and will be happy to help you decide which level of service would be suitable for your project and budget.

We can also help with valuations and interim certificates which may be required by your bank or lender.





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