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Building Regulation


What is building control?

Almost all types of building work require Building Regulation approval with the exception of certain small buildings such as porches and carports. The Building Regulations exist to ensure the construction of safe, thermally efficient, and accessible buildings. This is usually achieved by following guidance set out in the approved documents which are given legal status by the Building Act 1984.

It is a legal requirement of the owner to ensure compliance with Building Regulations; if work is carried out that does not comply the Local Authority may serve building owners with a notice to put right the work. If a notice is not complied with the Local Authority has the power to remove unauthorised structures.

JS Building Consultancy will prepare the technical drawings to include, a block / location plan, floor plans, elevations, cross sections of the building, specifications of materials and construction standards, and where required supporting calculations, ahead of submitting the application on your behalf.

The Local Authority charge a fee (separate to ours) for Building Regulation approval and inspections. As most of payments are now made online the Local Authority (or the approved inspector) will invoice you directly on submission of the information required for the application.

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