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We specialise in the design, construction and management of buildings to both the residential and commercial sectors, offering a comprehensive range of architectural design and building survey related services.

A building, be it a house, a factory, shop or a commercial office, has many facets. What is its condition? Do you know? Are you about to part with a substantial  amount of money? Will you regret the transaction? A building survey may well keep your bank account intact!

So, you’ve just bought your property. What next? Got any plans? If not we can help you.!

You may already have planning permission but who will be doing your Building Regulations application? Don’t mix the two up, they’re very different.

These are very much ‘food-for-thought’ questions designed to prompt thought. 

For now take a look below and we will try to answer some of your other question: you will have lots more!

That’s when you pick up the phone or send us an email! Enjoy!