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Individual defect

inspection & report

Individual defect inspection and report
This type of inspection and report is required when it is necessary to investigate and identify the cause of a specific building defect, for example, where there is an area of damp on a wall, timber decay, cracks appearing on wall plasterwork, or in the brickwork.

Just because there are cracks in a wall doesn’t always mean there is subsidence. The cause of the defect is not always obvious prompting the need for an in-depth investigation.

It may even be necessary to install means of monitoring movement, the excavation of trial pits, and in some instances, removing materials to expose areas where the cause of the problem would otherwise remain hidden.

After an initial discussion JS Building Consultancy will send you written confirmation of what the inspection will entail before proceeding. You will be kept informed at each stage of the investigation of the findings.

You will be provided with a written report describing how the investigation was carried out, showing the results, and making recommendations for what will be needed to remedy any defects.
Our service is versatile and can be tailored to individual needs.